Dr. Johnson's move toward a membership model of practice was derived from the expressed needs of patients towards the accessibility of their physician. We will do everything in our ability to promptly meet the healthcare needs of our patients, whether it is by telephone, e-mail, traditional office visits, after-hours care, or house calls. In keeping with our efforts to return to a more simplistic and traditional practice model, we will be limiting the size of our family of patients. By reducing our exposure we hope to increase our availability, eliminate long waits in the office and unnecessary visits to the emergency room. Most importantly, Hilton Head Health and Wellness works only for you - the patient; we do not contract with any outside parties that influence the outcome of your healthcare. We endeavor to keep the cost of medical care affordable and, more importantly, known to our patients upfront. As a by-product of this improvement in access, we hope to reunite the physician and patient in a more simplified setting, allowing us the opportunity to deliver a higher quality of care. 

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