how_to_join.jpg We realize that improving your health care for a lower overall cost might be hard to believe, so we highly encourage you to visit our office or call to discuss how this is possible. You can also speak to some of our patients who have eagerly offered to share how they have benefited from our primary care practice of Concierge Medicine. Once you have had all your questions answered and everyone agrees that your health needs and our practice is a good match, we will schedule you for a comprehensive physical and make billing arrangements for our annual fee.

Complementary Insurance Programs

Most of our patients have realized the benefit of combining our services with a high-deductible insurance program. Though we are not in the business of selling such insurance, we can refer you to professional insurance agents skilled in matching your requirements with the various companies familiar with Concierge Medicine. Our patients have routinely experienced significant financial savings by joining us and owning complementary high-deductible insurance at the same time.

Potential Tax Savings

You use our services and a complementary insurance program to cover all your potential health needs. You might consider a Health Savings Account “HSA” or Section 125 Plan (Cafeteria Plan) that will allow you to save an amount equal to your deductible on a tax-deferred basis. This program was designed by congress to provide an incentive for people who might be better served through a high-deductible insurance plan. Check with your tax advisor or insurance professional to see if you qualify. If you do, the financial savings for your overall health budget could be substantial, and when combined with our services you can experience greatly improved health care and save money.