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I am happy to see patients who have no insurance (unfortunately there are too many in our society in this situation), but if at all possible you should have insurance, even if it is just high-deductible insurance for a potential medical catastrophe.

Your insurance may reimburse you at least a portion of what you pay me (see below).

If you have medical insurance and join my practice you may decide to switch from a low-deductible PPO plan to a high-deductible PPO plan and use the savings in insurance premium to help pay for the practice membership fee. A high-deductible insurance plan is truly for catastrophic healthcare, as insurance was originally meant to be. Compare this to automobile insurance, which you similarly hope to never need for the car, for which you pay separately as needed for routine servicing (equivalent to a preventive care visit) and for mechanical problems (equivalent to an office visit for an acute illness). By not paying an HMO to manage your healthcare dollars you instead get to decide how you want to spend (or NOT spend) your healthcare dollars.

Last updated on November 30, 2007 by Dr Wayne Johnson